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Symbol Run is a 3D puzzle from Snojken Production. The game explores new concepts such as augmented reality and step counter to let the player interact with the real world.

The AR-mode is currently only available for the iPhone 6s and later running iOS11.

New levels

The game is currently limited to 10 levels, however we are working on more exciting levels that will be available shortly.

If you authorize Symbol Run to send you notifications, we will let you know when they are ready.

How to play

The game is a traditional 3-in-a-row puzzle where you move around the bricks by draging them on the screen into slots.

If you are running out of moves, you can take a walk in the real world to gain some extra.

Our symbols

Ankh symbol   Ankh

The ankh is an ancient Egyptian symbol of life. Also known as an Ansata (latin; handle) cross, it is a visual representation of a sandal strap.

The horizontal and vertical bars of the lower tau cross represent the feminine and masculine energy, respectively.

This combination of male and female symbols (the cross and circle) in the ankh suggest fertility and creative power.

Triquetra symbol   Triquetra

The triquetra (sometimes, triqueta) is a tripartate symbol composed of three interlocked vesica pisces, marking the intersection of three circles.

It is most commonly a symbol of the Holy Trinity (Father, son, Holy spirit) used by the Celtic Christian Church.

The triqueta symbol predates Christianity and was likely a Celtic symbol of the Goddess, and in the North, a symbol of the god Odin.

Valknut symbol   Valknut

Also known as: Hrungnir’s heart, heart of the slain, Heart of Vala, borromean triangles.

The Valknut’s three interlocking shapes are suggestive of related Celtic symbols of motherhood and rebirth. The nine points suggest rebirth, pregnancy, and cycles of reincarnation.

The emblem is often found in art depicting the God Odin, where it may represent the gods power over death.

Source http://symboldictionary.net

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